The most hopeful thing I’ve seen yet in this campaign

April 5, 2011

Yesterday in Guelph a large group of students staged a flash mob to inform Stephen Harper and the media in his entourage that they intend to vote.  Those who had registered for Harper’s rally were headed off by RCMP guards, had their credentials torn up, and were escorted from the premises, but that’s just how Harper rolls. 

“What we have right here is a surprise party for Stephen Harper,” flash mob organizer Gracen Johnson told a number of reporters who wandered over in the rain to witness the mass spectacle. “We heard he was coming to Guelph and we wanted to throw him a surprise, because typically people don’t think that youth vote. We are definitely voting.”

The students gathered in the centre of campus at around 4 p.m., where they rehearsed their action and went over some ground rules. If any of them were to shout slogans or hurl verbal abuses, the entire mob was directed to sit down, stare at the offender and shout, Bronx-style, “Get outta here.”

“We are not fighting for anything, not protesting anything,” organizer Yvonne Su told the crowd, explaining that protestors generally want something that they don’t have. “We already have it — we have the vote.”

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