“25-year-old Jihadis”

February 24, 2011

Bob Rae dropped the term in a press conference today in reference to the current occupants of the Prime Minister’s Office, and he couldn’t have been more apt in his terminology. I kinda wondered at his choice of metaphor even while applauding it, but when I looked up definitions of “jihad” I realized that he had not used it entirely as a metaphor. By many definitions available for the word, Rae’s characterization of members of the PMO staff is correct.

Mr. Rae has added significantly to the dialogue on Parliament Hill with an apt characterization of the blind devotion of young adherents to Stephen Harper’s cause whom Harper has given influence far in excess of their capabilities.

I chose not to collect the various definitions of the broad term “jihad” and display them here. Look them up yourself. It will be an education.

Bob Rae has risen considerably in my estimation with this comment. He sent me running to the dictionary, he broadened and deepened my understanding of my world, and he did it with proper historical perspective and a sense of fun. This is what I look for in a leader.

3 Responses to ““25-year-old Jihadis””

  1. Ron Cole Says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong. The prevailing definition in the popular imagination is what counts, and the term has extremely negative, non-western connotations. You argue the term describes “the blind devotion of young adherents,” yet you refuse to consider more apt descriptions.

  2. rodcros Says:


    Actually, I believe I invited you to look up the word in a good dictionary and see the variety of definitions for the word “jihad” to realize how broad the term is.

    Is a leader to be faulted for forcing Canadians to look at a concept through a different perspective?

    You seem to insist that closing language down to a single, narrow definition is the only way. Is this not falling into the very trap that Rae accuses Harper and the PMO of failing to avoid?

    Thanks for your comment. Stay in touch,


  3. Tony Izatt Says:

    Full marks to Rae for NOT appolgising for using the term when interviewed on the telly by Evan Soloman. However, Rae is still an NDP’er in red, waiting to jump into the big chair when the American Liberal blows the next election. He screwed up Ontario when he was in power and now he wants the chance to screw up the whole country.

    PS: If you want to go after a politician you might want to lay off the devil incarnate for a bit and focus on Dolt-on MacNutty for a while.

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