Dump Bev Oda petition link

February 17, 2011

Enough is enough! It’s one thing to sit back and make occasional sarcastic comments about the totalitarian nature of the Harper regime; it’s another matter to have one’s face rubbed in this muck. Truth is no longer an absolute in Harperland — Hell, truth isn’t even a value, apparently. Harper’s performance in Question Period Wednesday was as obscene as Bill Clinton’s when faced with the Monica Lewinsky accusation.

These guys are not my grandmother’s Conservatives, and the sooner they’re out of Ottawa, the better for Canada.



What do you make of this?


Marjory Loveys worked in the PMO for ten years before becoming the Leeds-Grenville Liberal Candidate.  I suggested that the comment above passes my personal sniff test, and asked her for further comment on it.

He is right in that, where Ministers sign off on projects (not all programs are structured this way, but this one is) they have the final say.
The problem here, as I see it, is partly procedural  – changing a document after it has been signed by some of the signatories.  Everyone who signs a lease or buys a house knows that one initials and dates an amendment, and that those must be likewise initialled  by other signatories…
Also, without exhaustively looking at the record, she is reported to have said that it was not her decision, that she was following advice from officials.
It still seems to me that Oda’s actions are procedurally “bush league” and politically disingenuous, to say the least.
Cheers – ML

One Response to “Dump Bev Oda petition link”

  1. Lorne Tupling Says:

    Any ethical person with any integrity would not alter any form of contact/document after ithas been signed by all parties.

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