Tony Reports: It always happens.

January 21, 2011

So I’m out there for hours. Jiggin’, minnowin’ etc. So I finally have to have a wizz. So I go on the other side of the truck and just before I finish I hear something behind me. One of the rods is getting dragged down the hole! So I quickly zip up and run to rod … snnnnnnnnap. Line broke. Cleaned right off. I go to the truck to re-hook and reload and I hear a sound behind me. It’s the other rod being dragged down the hole (it was only about 20′ from the other one). I grab the rod and give it a very light strike …snnnnnap. That line broke off too. I suspect a very hungry pike (fully sated now), as the rods just got hammered. No warning, just wham. That was around 4:15. Finally came in around 5:15 after no other bites. Oh well. Nice day out there.


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