New Toy Gloat: wood splitter

October 30, 2010

I’d been cruising Kijiji on a quest for a block splitter, and on a whim I changed the language of my search, typing in “wood” instead of the more American “log”. Fifteen minutes earlier someone had posted a short ad for a 3 pt hitch wood splitter, so I was off on another wild goose chase with trailer and navigation system to a community an hour and a quarter to the west.

This one turned out to be a solid, Mennonite-built unit which the current owner had bought at an auction only to discover it ran too slowly on his new Kubota 35 hp. Seems the dealer wanted $2000 to install a set of remotes on the tractor, so he hooked it to the loader. This particular loader has very small hoses, which impeded the splitter’s performance. He decided to replace it with a gas-powered model.

I didn’t know if my TAFE 35DI’s “tipping lever” would do any better, but I decided to try. It has a three-way splitter for hydraulics which has quite a learning curve, but my neighbour Peter Myers has a testing hose and the pressure was fine once we found the correct settings. To produce a continuous flow to the splitter he locked the tipping lever open with a chunk of scrap metal and I tore into a pile of elm rounds with my new toy.

Peter has the same model and he thinks it runs pretty slowly on the TAFE (he’s a John Deere man) but it works for me and without breaking a sweat I split my way through a significant pile of firewood in an hour.

The piston moves slowly, but there is no hesitation and it does a great job.


One Response to “New Toy Gloat: wood splitter”

  1. Gerald & Marg Emmons Says:

    The Emmons of Harrowsmith are very happy to have another satisfied customer.

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