Those three great blue herons* are still around.

November 6, 2009

While eating my lunch I just watched them glide past the kitchen window in tight formation, circle the field to the north, and eventually glide right in to the shelter belt of immature pines at the north of the property. They rode the breeze like vultures, not flapping their wings until within a jump of the ground.

What amazes me about these three is the way they always travel and move together, in formation. Even when walking across the field they are a tight group, as if they think as one. And what are they doing in a field, in November?

NOTE: 11 November, 2009

Queen’s doctoral candidate Martin Mallet just suggested in an email that the trio are most likely sandhill cranes. He saw them in the area last week. The Wilkepedia description of the birds’ behaviour is very much in line with what I have observed.


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