Tacoma frame inspection

October 14, 2009

When I heard about the frame warranty inspection program for 2000-2005 Tacomas, I dropped by Thousand Islands Toyota in Brockville to book an appointment. The service manager couldn’t help me because Toyota Canada had no record of my vehicle, a California-built standard cab 4X4 originally registered in Pittsburgh.

Plan B involved calling Toyota in California to ask them to adjust their records to take into account the truck’s new address. The helpful guy I talked to told me that Toyota America extends all warranty coverage to Canada, but would not send me the warranty letter which authorized the coverage. He did, however, give me a case number which would do the job.

I was lucky to speak to John Walker when I next contacted the Toyota dealer. With my case number he was able to initiate the process to get my truck’s inspection authorized. It took a couple of weeks, but John kept me posted and when it came through he arranged for a rental car to be waiting on the day. All I had to do was drop off my key and drive away in a new Corolla. Not a bad little car, that.

Anxious, I called yesterday afternoon to see how the frame was. “They didn’t find any perforation, so there’s no problem; they just have to complete the anti-corrosion treatment.” Relieved, I went in today to pick up the truck.

The frame is covered with a hard, glossy black tarry substance, but it’s smooth and looks bullet-proof. I understand the inside of the frame is covered with a white substance with a lot of parafin wax in it. Apparently they thoroughly clean the frame with a variety of chemicals and then start the coatings.

From the look of the revitalized frame, the truck should last until the warranty expires in 2017. There’s no downside to this.

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