Passive aggressive Olympics

June 16, 2009

Let’s say that Harper and company have deep reservations about stimulus spending on any level, and have been forced into it by the combined opposition parties.  Then let’s say that the leader of the opposition identifies the insincere effort and demands clarifications as  a condition of further support.  What better way to blame the opposition for cutting off the spending than by annoying them into bringing down the government?  The election-shy media are accusing Ignatieff of passive-aggressive tactics, but they can’t compare with Harper’s on this one.


One Response to “Passive aggressive Olympics”

  1. tony izatt Says:

    You should enter politics with all your what if scenarios’.

    These dough heads should be doing what’s good for the country and not what’s good for them or their parties. Power hungry swines that they are, Iggy in particular.

    What did I tell you. The closed door meeting allowed idiot features to come out and say, ok, we’ll bring the government odwn in September instead. Well if the government isn’t doing a good job now then, it won’t be in September either. The difference is, he’d lose a summer election. So at the end of the day, it’s not about the country or the economy, it’s really just about gaining power.
    YANKEE GO HOME !!!!!!!!!!

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