Landing craft/utility trailer?

June 7, 2009

No kidding, this morning in Portland I examined a 15′ aluminum landing craft/trailer.  It was hitched to a full-size Mitsubishi SUV and had a 25 hp Merc mounted on the transom, which faced forward, surrounded by the trailer’s A-frame.  The frame decoupled with pins, then a handy little hydraulic pump raised it to provide a radar arch, I guess, above the motor.  Two seats at the stern protected fuel tanks and allowed for tiller steering.  Amidships, wells allowed the wheels to rise into compartments which were then shielded, if not sealed, by sliding panels to improve the hydrodynamics of the hull.  But the clincher came at the bow of the craft (back of the trailer).  A wide, boiler plate aluminum ramp unclips and drops for beach landings.  It’s all carefully sealed, but you can drive your lawn mower ashore and up onto hostile crabgrass in one easy motion if you haven’t been hit by artillery fire on the way in.

I stopped and gaped at this thing for quite a while.  It’s Ontario-registered, and I think it might be Ontario-built.  It’s an amazing bit of misplaced ingenuity, to my view.


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