December 11, 2008

It’s official:  they’ve discovered a new emotion.  Psychologists are now theorizing that Obama’s electoral victory was the direct result of his high-flown oratory, creating the feeling in listeners that they want to be better people and causing them to forget the cynicism of the past.

O.K., Michael Ignatieff, the time is ripe.  You’re probably the best orator in Canadian politics in the last decade, so go for it.  End our feelings of cynicism and uplift us.


One Response to “Elevation”

  1. Paul Peden Says:

    Hi Rod: Someday when I get my electrons sorted out I might pose a question being asked by those of us not familiar with Mr. Ignatieff. Who is he, we have been exposed to him, off and on, for a couple of years and with a sudden burst media attention he’s qualified to be our unelected Prime Minister?
    Without exposing my political bent, or lack, I understand his last post of recognition was at Harvard and that the academic community may love him. Me, well I don’t have any reason to run out and embrace another retorical talking head.
    The people have elected a minority twice for a reason. Those who would be king will need to clean up their act and begin to prove they are grown up enough to govern.
    Excuse my rant. Paul

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