Michael Palin for President

September 9, 2008

O.K.  I’m leaping into the U.S. Presidential race because sitting majestically north of the border did no good, and what’s more, no one noticed.  My reasons for helping this film go viral are twofold:  it’s very funny, even though I have never really been a Monty Python fan;  and if I have to choose a flavour of kook, I’ll certainly go with Michael, rather than Sarah.  She’s just too scary.



I see Darby Conley, author of the syndicated strip Get Fuzzy, has jumped aboard with his September 12, 2008 strip.


I don’t know how Darby Conley does it.  I wrote “The Allegory of Sarah the Squirrel” (above this article) to poke fun at Sarah Palin’s sudden rise to prominence, but no one seems to have gotten the point.  Images of one hand clapping and trees falling in deserted forests come to mind.  Is it an allegory if nobody gets it?


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