Ready or Not, Winter is Here.

November 23, 2007

Yesterday’s snowfall caught me unprepared.  For the first time in my life I hid in the house and read a book, neglecting all of my manly duties with the rationalization that, if I waited, the snow would melt.

 It didn’t.  More fell.  Forced by high light levels into a more active mindset this morning, I put on the long underwear, found one heavy mitt abandoned in the garage, and coaxed the snowblower to life for a brief attack upon the banks left by the town plow.  A determined effort opened the back of the unfamiliar Tacoma — who knew those windows freeze up? — and gave access to my gloves, which were soggy and freezing.  Not much help.

 Off to the farm with the utility trailer which had been hogging garage space.  Once there I found the cache of winter clothes hidden in an upstairs room during a tidying frenzy last summer.  The Massey Ferguson started up on cue, reminding me that the temperature wasn’t really that cold.  I cleaned the icy crust away from the garage doors with the blade so that I could liberate a shovel.  Plowed the driveway, as well, leaving snow/mudbanks which will no doubt come back to haunt later.  The back deck had accumulated half a foot of crusty snow over the storm.  As I shovelled it I kept thinking about heart attacks and how easily they occur during storms.  Small wonder: that snow was heavy and stiff.  Doormats should be outlawed in snow country.  They don’t shovel well when frozen into the ice cover.

But from there on the day went well.   

 I can see how people of my age get the idea that they can’t survive another Ontario winter, and must go south regardless of the cost or the forced inactivity of a tiny Florida rental.  To them I guess I’d say, “Put your long underwear on, clean out the garage so you can put your cars in, and whatever you do, make sure you can find a good pair of mitts when you need them.” 

One day of winter torture was more than enough for me.  From here on in I intend to play.

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