BMW charges $500 for a Recall Clearance Letter!

November 15, 2007

Update, 3 April, 2014

Tony Izatt found the following and cut and pasted it into an email.  Without a source I’d recommend further research before that eBay bid.

As of July 9, 2008 the June 2, 2007 and November 26, 2007 costs and requirements of compliance by BMW have been dropped. DRL software changes can be programmed at a cost of about an hour’s worth of labour using the GT1 computer at BMW. It looks like the $3000-$4000 import cash grab has been quietly repealed. How this may effect any warranty claim on an previously unregistered US car in BMW Canada’s system is anybody’s guess. Certainly one can expect at least some level of resistance.


UPDATE:  JULY 28, 2009

Check Stizzi’s two comments (at the end of the list) about getting a cheaper recall clearance letter.   Unless BMW moves quickly to plug the leak, it seems as though the blockade against BMW imports into Canada may have broken.

May 4, 2008

Peter Coulter has sent a most interesting comment about a Mini Cooper S JCW 2006 currently held up at the Canada/US border, refused entry.  You’ll find it at the bottom of the comment list (#11).

May 1, 2008

The following is an excerpt from Mira’s new comment at the bottom of the list:

I’ve contacted the dealership in Canada and the service department manager looked up my vehicle’s model/year and said that two modifications are needed: 1. the daytime running lamp has to be changed and 2. the controler has to be changed because of the instrument cluster. #1would cost me $200. and #2 would cost me $1,310.00. Add $500 for the recall letter and another $300 for labour…


For a walnut blog this is way off-topic but it’s interesting, so here goes:

On (DEAD LINK, AS OF AUGUST 22, 2008) I found this excerpt from an open-line discussion between Lindsay Duffield, CEO of BMW Canada, and a number of questioners:

*Ramsay Orr from Burlington, Ont. writes: *BMW has recently introduced a new policy that requires Canadians to go through their Canadian BMW dealer network in order to obtain a ‘Recall Clearance Letter’ for any U.S. cars Canadians are importing to Canada. This letter is required by the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) in order to allow Canadians to license their vehicles in Canada. BMW Canada’s dealers charge a flat rate of $500 for this letter, and have issued a company mandate to their U.S. dealers telling them not to release these letters (which they do for free) to Canadians under any circumstances in order to force Canadians to pay this fee to the Canadian dealerships. I’d like to hear Lindsay’s comments on why this fee is being imposed by BMW when all of the other car companies provide the recall clearance letter at no charge?

*Lindsay Duffield, BMW Canada: *Thanks for your question. Yes, we do charge a reasonable fee to protect any customer bringing in a U.S. vehicle. Since we are agreeing to honour the warranties on these vehicles, it is very important that we know that they are compliant with all Canadian regulations, have any outstanding recalls completed and thus are completely warrantable in Canada. There are a great number of flood, hurricane, bio-hazard and write-off vehicles in the used market, and our compliance program ensures that the car is clean, safe and warrantable. We’ve already had instances of vehicles imported with forged VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers).

For $500, which includes a Carfax vehicle history and complete inspection by an authorized Canadian BMW retailer, this is very good value. RIV was accepting U.S. letters of compliance, but we don’t believe that does enough to protect the buyer — it is like the seller of a house providing the home inspection report to the buyer. Hmmm!

So bottom-line, even though a customer will get better overall value and service from their Canadian BMW retailer, if they do import a vehicle from the U.S., we really want to make sure the customer is getting the vehicle they thought they were getting and that it is warrantable by us in Canada.


39 Responses to “BMW charges $500 for a Recall Clearance Letter!”

  1. vvm Says:

    My car is finally fully registered in Ontario.


    Nov. 30 – Won a car on E-bay. Notified my Insurance that I will be adding a car to my policy.

    Nov 31 – Received Title and Bill of Sale from Seller.

    Dec 1 – Faxed the Title to Queenston-Lewiston Bridge (72 hours in advance of crossing border)

    Dec. 4 – Bought Admissibility Letter from BMW Canada ($399CAD)

    Dec 10 – Flew to NJ, pick-up car with 20 days Temp License from New Jersey

    Dec 11 – Crossed the border, showed BMW Admissibility Letter, got Form 1, paid duties and GST and Air-con tax. Drove home.

    Dec 12 – Through internet I paid RIV and scanned and e-mail them my Form 1

    Dec 17 – Went to BMW Canada and got Daytime Running Lights (DLR at $119CAD) activated and paid for Recall Clearance Letter ($570CAD)

    Dec 31 – Got car emission test and safety certificate for Ontario

    Jan 3 – Still awaiting BMW Canada Recall Clearance Letter. Received Form 2 from RIV (on Section 4 the checklist says “Recall documentation is not required on this vehicle”. Brought the car to Canadian Tire immediately and got federal inspection in 10 minutes for FREE. Got Form 1 and Form 2 stamped by Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire faxed Form 2 to RIV. Took the forms to Ministry of Transportation Ontario Licensing Office, they do not even look at Form 2. Registered the car and paid PST and Plates and Registration. Received ownership certificate and attached sticker and plates to car.

    Now I am a proud owner of 2002 BMW 325i.

    Jan 4 – Awaiting Canadian Manufacturer Certificate Sticker to replace the US sticker from RIV.

    I did not need the recall clearance letter at all. I didn’t show it at Canadian Border, I never sent it to RIV and I did not show it to Canadian Tire or MTO Licensing Office.

    I think I have a great case of getting my $570CAD back. Any suggestions on getting the refund?

  2. rodcros Says:


    Thank you for your report. It may prove very useful for the next guy along. I was surprised that the U.S. officials accepted a fax of the registration papers. Maybe they’re lightening up, or maybe BMW has greased the wheels a bit.

    It looks to me as though the RIV received the recall clearance directly from BMW and promptly ran your approval through, most likely saving you about ten days.

    When I registered my Toyota the RIV seemed to work in my best interests, even if I had a hard time understanding their actions at the time.

    If you had faxes of your documents accepted as valid in two situations, I’d suggest that BMW’s credibility is all that saved you from an unpleasant bureaucratic mess.

    I’d suggest you enjoy your car and save the goodwill you have invested with the two payoffs for a time in the future when you might need it.

    Best wishes. Nice car, BTW.


  3. Jeff Says:

    Thanks guys for the write ups. I’ll be starting the process next week with my 2008 Mini Cooper S however, BMW Canada is telling me that before a recall letter can be issued they must install an instrument cluster to make the vehicle compliant with Canadian regulations. Even though the US dealer had the car manufactured with Day Time Running Light BMW Canada is telling me that they need to replace the cluster to make it complaint…I’m really confused as this wasn’t the policy before Nov 26th.

    Secondly, I’ve contacted RIV to inquire about the above and since my vehicle was purchased prior to Nov 26th ( buyer order on hand ) BMW should accept the US Recall letter I have which the dealer printed for me at no cost. ($500 fee for the BMW Canada letter)

    Can anyone provide me some insight into the above, experience, what I might encounter….

    Also, can I get an american friend to drive my car over the boarder to avoid the admissibility letter? What are the risks

  4. rodcros Says:


    Forget all about the American-friend angle and slug it out with Homeland Security, Canadian Customs, the RIV and your local BMW dealer, (unless you can cut him out of the deal).

    In your situation I’d go to my nearest Canadian Tire store and ask the service manager what is actually needed by way of instruments. It’s his word which the R.I.V. accepts on an inspection, unless the rules are different for 2008 vehicles.

    I’m pretty sure that the speedo has to register in kilometers, but my U.S. Toyota has both, as well as English/French airbag instructions. Perhaps BMW speedometers only read in miles and you’d need a tacky decal applied to the face of the instrument, but that seems unlikely to me. A call to the U.S. dealer should get an answer on that.

    I’d think that if you can get the R.I.V. to accept your American recall letter, you might be able to take your car to CTC for a free inspection, rather than to BMW, though that would likely mean trips to Watertown for warranty and maintenance work.

    Best wishes,


  5. Steven Says:

    Jeff, I have some similar questions. RIV is saying all repairs and inspections must be done by an authorized MINI BMW Dealership before a recall letter will be issued. Also, what is an instrument cluster? I’m being told BMW will want to replace this as well.

    I called the Better Business Bureau about BMW’s actions and I was told that if I get all the necessary repairs done and my car meets Canadian specs BMW will have no choice but to approve my vehicle after inspection and they will have to issue a recall letter. If they tell you it doesn’t meet standards and it does you have a right to take them to court as they will be commiting fraud. (Telling you its broken when its not) I’m sure you’ve seen those shows on TV.

    Can anyone recommend a shop that will replace the instrument cluster to meet Canadian specs? What ever an instrument cluster is?

    Note: The US Dealer assured me the car has day time running lights but BMW Canada is telling me it won’t confrom with Canadian regulations. Help!

  6. Shiva Mayer Says:


    Your experience is true as of January 2008. For those who are not aware of the process, Canada has a “self-certification” process — that is, the manufacturer, not the federal government, deems a car roadworthy in Canada.

    At the end of December, BMW stopped providing certification information to the RIV, instead replacing their section on the “Admissible Vehicles” list with a note saying “See your BMW dealer.” Now, in addition to paying $500 for the Recall Clearance Letter from BMW, you are also FORCED to take your car to a BMW dealer (not just Canadian Tire, as Rod did with his Toyota) in order for BMW to “certify” it for the federal government. In doing so, they can charge you for whatever changes they feel like (new instrument cluster, new headlights, new tires filled with “Canadian air”); if you choose not to comply, they will simple refuse to “certify” your car.

    It would, of course, be very easy for BMW to provide this certification information to the RIV — they did so up until December 2007. But BMW is hoping to discourage people from importing used cars into Canada.

    Although I have been a longtime BMW fan, if I were still living in Canada I would suggest looking elsewhere — not only because of the potential expense but also on account of this shameful business practice. (Or, you could move to Texas like I did: I’ve been shopping for a car, and used BMWs are half as expensive here as they are in Ontario.)

  7. Shiva Mayer Says:

    PS. See this page for more info on the January 2008 changes.

  8. arvi Says:

    Hi i got my BMW few days ago from US and Canadian BMW dealers are telling me i have to pay close to 4000 to get recall letter and to do all the changes.can anyone suggest me is there any way around it or i have to pay for it.Thanks

  9. alex Says:

    I have the [Letter of Admissibility] that I got from BMW Dealer in Canada/Quebec/Laval for about 400$ CAD Hrrrr….

    Letter is dated 16 April 2008!!!

    If any one is intrested please email me.

    Thank you.

  10. Mina Says:

    Hi There,

    I’m about to receive my vehicle (2007 BMW 328i cabriolet)shipped from Bellevue washington tomorrow, and already purchased the Admissibility letter from BMW Canadian retailer. I’ve contacted the dealership in canada and the service department manager looked up my vehicles model/year and said that 2 modifications are needed. 1 is the Daytime runningh lamp has to be changed and 2)the controler has to be changed because of the instrument cluster which #1 would cost me 200.00$ and #2 would cost me 1,310.00. 500$ for recall letter and another 300 for labour…When I read the admissiblity letter, it only talks about the Daytime running lights need to be modified in order to be able to pass inspection…no word of instrument cluster…which one’s should I go by…I know for the fact that if I take the vehicle to canadian BMW dealership they will change the cluster and charge me…but i’m getting a recall clearance letter from US dealership tonight and i will fax this over to RIV to see if It gets accepted and see if i get Form2 sent out to me….

  11. Peter Coulter Says:

    I came across your discussion researching this kind of problem for a friend, who recently bought a Mini Cooper S JCW 2006 from the United Sates. It is currently sitting at the US/Canada border, refused entry because Mini/BMW categorically refuse to issue a certificate for this particular model. This notwithstanding the fact that they themselves imported the same car directly into Canada. It may well be that they have confused the car with a GP, but the same problem will probably apply to daylight running lights, etc, which is fair enough. Two things. One, I’m not quite sure from the above comments whether one can simply get a ‘recall’ certificate from a US dealer, bring the car across with this, and deal with the BMW issue later – via Canadian Tire, etc. Also under number 1, was the suggestion made that there is a dealer in Quebec prepared to cut through the red tape? Second thing. You will all be pleased to learn that BMW and Mercedes Canada have been taken to court over this precise issue. You can read the details at among other places.

    On Monday, my friend will be in touch with BMW et al again to see if this can be sorted out. As the owner of a 2008 Mini Cooper S Works, and a 1967 Mini Cooper S, both purchased in Canada, he is not very happy.
    Peter Coulter

  12. zinone Says:

    I just came across another, unrelated court case involving this issue. The story appears in the Vancouver Sun. I intend to put the two lawsuit parties together.
    Peter Coulter

  13. frank Says:

    Can someone help me with a recall letter under 500 bucks?

  14. stizzi Says:

    I just imported a 2007 BMW 328i convertible from the U.S and the BMW dealerships here in Toronto told me I had to pay $500 for a recall letter and then $2500 for the instrument cluster to change it to km/hr, and then another $300 for day light running lamps. Thats almost $3500+! BMW is getting ridiculous.

    Luckily I found a shop here in Toronto that gets recall letters from an internal BMW employee for $400 flat fee, his email is

  15. stizzi Says:

    Just expanding on what I mentioned earlier as requested by some ppl on this site…..

    I brought my BMW from the U.S to canada… BMW dealers here wouldn’t give me the damn recall letter ($500) until I upgraded my instrument cluster and got DLR programmed. I told the dealer… isn’t that what the ‘federal inspection’ that Canadian tire does? not the bmw dealer? …. They told me that it doesnt matter, no instrument cluster + DLR = no recall letter.

    I was NOT going to pay $3000 and then another $500 for a recall letter… I talked to some dealers and they referred me to this guy.

    I met up with him at his shop, he asked for my Form 1 Case ID (RIV Form ID) and my BMW’s Vin Number…. I didn’t pay or anything, he said that he’ll check with his contact, if he can get the letter he’ll give me a call and I’ll come pick it up and pay him $400…..

    The next day he called me and said he had it so I went… it was an original BMW internal recall letter printout. It had all my car details, etc…. I faxed it to RIV like he told me to, and to my JOY they said it was good and gave me my form 2 and now ive been driving for a few months 🙂

    He said that its not available for ALL vehicles… he told me some have blocks on them where recall letters cant be printed. but about 98% of the BMW’s from the U.S he can get the recall letter…

    just some 411 for you guys, thx.

  16. thomas demasi Says:

    Hi all,

    I just called the RIV in Canada, who informed me that it is acceptable to have a printout from a private dealer: a vehicle history report and/or vehicle warranty inquiry.

    She told me that while “we do not advertise this”, the printout, while required, is for the customer’s benefit. The RIV cross-references it with the NHTSA database.

    I was able to get a copy mailed to me, free of charge, from Motorwerks MINI of Bloomington, MN. They can be reached at 952-886-6373.

    I hope this helps


  17. Wilf Says:

    Hello Thomas and All BMW “Nutters”,I read with much interest your comments. Is there a person one can contact and speak to at Motorworks MINI???
    Please be kind enough and let me know. I DO NOT want bmw to get $500.00 or more off me!!!
    I live in BC and know of a very good European car shop in Nanaimo if anyone is interested.They charged just over a 100.00 to set the day light ruunning lights and switch to KM. No bmw rip off here !!!

    Regards, Wilf

    • Luc Ouellet Says:

      Hello, Wilf:

      I live in Nanaimo B.C. Would you be able to supply me with the name of the shop here, as I am trying to import a 2000 Z3 and do not wish to pay the $500.00 + other charges to the Victoria BMW dealer.

      Looking forward to your reply,


      • Wilf Says:

        Hello Luc,

        Nice to hear from you. I still don’t have my 750iL on the road, perhaps hoping that the regulations will change. Ha,Ha………

        The shop in Nanaimo is European Specialty Car Services. They are on 1702 Northfield Rd., Ph.#250 758 3288.

        The owner’s name is Wayne Ayers and the Service manager is George, very nice guys and very low key. No BMW snobbery there! Email is .

        You can tell them Wilf from Powell River sent you.

        Good luck and cheers,


  18. Wilf Says:

    Hi, sorry to say I didn’t hear back from Thomas.
    I did get in touch with Motorwerks Mini and was promised a vehicle history from a service advisor. I waited for a couple of days and then followed up with an email…… No reply!!!!
    Just returned from a family visit in Texas where I took the oportunity to go in to “BMW of Houston”. I spoke with a service advisor and asked for a vehicle history on the bmw I am trying to get registered through RIV. When he punched in the Vin # the car history came up and he let us have a quick glance at it, where we could see that the report had been “RED FLAGGED” !!! Only US Customs,Canada Customs and RIV know that this vehicle has been brought to Canada.
    How is BMW informed of this action??? When we asked the service advisor of BMW Houston for a “print-out” he quickly told us that ” THIS’ is “BMW CLASSIFIED INFORMATION” !!! We had not told him that we are Canadians, but that we had plans to move to Houston from Kirkland, Washington.
    I believe BMW works like the mafia, you as an employee of them only say what you are allowed to say !!! Walmart works in the same way……..
    If and when the day comes that I get this car on the road in Canada, I will never set foot in to a BMW shop to have any work performed on this vehivle !!!!!

  19. jasonkidd Says:

    Hey guys I just got my BMW recall letter from unity auto, a dealership here in Toronto – for $375!

    Thanks to the poster above for the info!!! RIV approved it within one day and My X5 is now on the road =)

  20. Wilf Says:

    After over a year now I’m still too stubborn to pay BMW the $500.00 extortion money. I’ve got the 750 iL securely stored away as the RIV had threatened me they would alert the RCMP and have my car seized. I’m still looking for somebody to get me a cheap Recall Letter. Any hackers out there? HOPE !!!!!



    • Po Says:

      Hi, Wilf:

      I bought a Mini Cooper 2 weeks ago. I have it in my garage right now. And I have the same problem as you: 500$ + cluster + reprogrammation (depending of the dealer). BMW doesn’t tell you over the phone, until you get to the dealership! All BS for me.

      I read a lot and I found this guy ( on some different websites. I wasn’t sure, but I decided to try it anyway because this is a bit cheaper than the 500$ asked from BMW, but also it is supposed to be a lot faster. So I sent the payment last night, and he says that the whole process is supposed to take less than 24 hours. Hopefully it will work out good and fast!


      Editor’s Note:


      Be sure to let us know as soon as you receive a working recall clearance letter.


      • Po Says:

        Finally, it didn’t work for my car because of a specific reason, I had already paid « recallclearanceletter » but he refunded me the total amount because he wasn’t able to do the process for my car for now. What I can tell is the guy was really honest with me and did refund me right away. I also posted similar comments on other websites regarding my good experience with this guy so don’t be surprise to see similar comments somewhere else. You should write him an email and ask him about your car. “”

  21. Recall Clearance Letter Says:

    Hi all,

    If some of you still need the Recall Clearance Letter to register an imported BMW in Canada, I can provide the document and make sure everything is fine with the RIV in a way to get your Form 2 very quickly.

    The best part is that you won’t have to go to any Canadian BMW Dealership and be forced to pay ridiculous fees (could reach more than $3,500) to change things that already work perfectly.

    Send me an Email if you’re interested :

    Have a great day and enjoy your BMW!

  22. Rohit Says:

    Hey everyone,
    BMW sure makes it hard to import a car!

    For the recall letter, I went with John helped me, and I got the recall letter the same day, and I was able to log onto the RIV website the next day to get my form 2. It was easy and quick and I didn’t have to go to BMW! I’m glad to say I finally got plates on my 2008 5 series! Also, he was pretty responsive to all my questions and provided a guarantee as well. Thanks…

    Heads up for Day time running lights: Some BMW’s you can change the settings yourself, just read the manual. I changed myself after CT said they couldn’t do it.

  23. Wilf Says:

    Hi Po,

    Just wanted to let you know that I did get our BMW on the road, thanks to in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC.

    The shop charged $250.00 for the recall letter and $107 for the provincial inspection.

    I’m sure if you called them they would issue you the recall letter. Give it a try, nothing to lose…..Ask for
    Wayne or George the shop manager.

    Good luck, Wilf

  24. Stuart O'Connor Says:

    RE: Recall Clearance Letter – BMW X5 2007


    I wasn’t so sure about working with John at first, but he came through with flying colors.
    He did what he said he would do, at the price he quote me.

    Thanks for the GREAT service, and thanks for saving me from BMW Canada.

    Stuart O’Connor
    Victoria, BC Canada

  25. Jason Says:

    Just imported a 335i to Canada. Apart from going to the Canadian dealership and paying $500 plus the other fees, the two options I could find were the guy from Unity Auto in Toronto ($375 fee) or John at They both had quick responses to my e-mail inquiry. I went with John as the price was slightly cheaper. You have to use PayPal for payment.

    John kept me updated via e-mail along the way and I received my RIV form 2 this past Sunday. The process was quick and I’d recommend if you’re unable to get the Warranty Inquiry another way.

  26. kelly Says:

    I dealt with Jean-Samuel Pariseau the President of Pariseau Importations ( He was very professional and flexible in answering my questions. I decided to pay him through paypal to proceed with retrieving my car’s recall report as his rate was significantly cheaper than the $500 BMW wanted. I dealt with various BMW dealers in Vancouver through several weeks and was tired of the arrogance and vague answers as it was obvious I was not being well received as I bought a US car. It seemed the process at BMW could take 3 weeks to get me my form 2 with my minor car change requirements. I decided to proceed with Pariseau Importations.and sent my VIN and case number. I was aware that paypal was insured and also that my visa through paypal was also insured so felt that this was a risk worth taking as BMW is forcing me into this risk. Within 10 minutes I received confirmation the file was being retrieved and within 1 hour I actually had my Form 2 from RIV. I am doing my inspection now through a reputable repair place that does not gouge and planning on enjoying my car in a few days.

  27. Grant Gates Says:


    I used the follwing company to get me my recall clearance letter. there was no issues and it was done in less then 3 hours. I was impressed to say the least. Very inexpensive as well.

    Jean-Samuel Pariseau


    Pariseau Importations

    Magog, QC, Canada


    9252-3034 Quebec Inc.

  28. Great news to all importers!

    As you might have read in some other places on Internet, was working on an avenue to allow people to call or even meet a representative in person since many people wanted to contact us in other ways than email. This avenue is now available!

    Recall Clearance Letter is now a new division of Pariseau Importations!

    You can visit us at and find all the contact information about this new division!

  29. Graham Fersovich Says:

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of dealing with Jean-Samuel Pariseau the President of Pariseau Importations ( with respect to obtaining a BMW X5 recall letter. Prior to this time I attended at BMW and they confirmed it cost $500.00 plus they would have to change the instruement cluster for approx $1000.00 So I looked on-line for a better option and found it through Pariseau. They were very prompt very and professional. Once I agreed to proceed, within hours RIV approved my recall.

    I would recommend Pariseau importations.

  30. Ashok Says:

    I recently moved from US to Canada and have been actively working on to get the so-called recall clearance letter for my 2008 BMW. I have talked to at least half a dozen dealers in US and spent nearly 3 hours on the phone talking to the phone representatives from BMW to get this letter. All my efforts went in vain. Finally I decided to try ??Pariseau-Importations after reading it here. I emailed them to check if they still do the service. The reply came back within minutes. After talking to them over the phone and getting clarified, I paid for the service through paypal knowing I can get it back if it is a scam. I kept my fingers crossed. But to my surprise I got a confirmation that the letter was filed with RIV in a couple of hours. It was really amazing to see how fast they can get your job done. I got the RIV form 2 on the same day. The service is really prompt and they charge you reasonably. It still sucks to pay for a letter that should be given to you free of charge. Pariseau importations at least makes your job easier.

  31. Peter McLinton Says:

    recallclearanceletter and pariseau-importations is a scam. They couldn’t get my Mini recall letter. I had to pay the stupid BMW dealer $500 and was charged for the cluster swap.

    All the posts above are likely fake.

  32. rodcros Says:

    Peter McLinton’s comment appears in this list as an effort at due diligence on my part. If there is a question about the validity of information on this board, readers should be aware of it.

    I deleted an email here after a discussion online with the young Mr. Ram. I think he may well have learned a lesson and will go on to be a better accountant for it when he graduates.



  33. No traces of anybody named Peter McLinton (or similar names) in our records. No unsuccessful transaction in the last months. No unsatisfied customer.

    Thank you Rod

    Pariseau Importations

  34. Kum Says:

    “Peter McLinton” also discredited our services on another forum which I just had removed – no customer records here as well.

    Searching his name is how I found this thread.


  35. ron Says:

    Used Pariseau for my docs on the import of my BMW.
    within 2 days had my riv completed with no complications.
    saved a few bucks, i’m a happy guy.
    give me a email if you want a personal responce.

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