The Registrar of Imported Vehicles and You

November 3, 2007

Note:  For the other articles in this series, please click “Importing a Tacoma to Canada” on the column to your right.

Quite a few hits on this site are from people bringing cars from the U.S.A. into Canada, so here’s an update which may be of benefit.

I have hit a snag with the R.I.V. The instructions for preparing the documentation for the submission to R.I.V are readily available on the Net, but nowhere did I read advice on how to get the Recall Status statement from the company, Toyota in this case, to the appropriate file at R.I.V.

The guy at Canadian Customs checked my documents and wrote a couple of others, took my money for the application and G.S.T., and told me that I’d receive the rest from R.I.V. in ten days. No mention was made of the letter from Toyota clearing my truck of recalls. It was in the envelope with everything else, but he didn’t ask and I didn’t give it to him.

After ten days a letter from R.I.V. informed me that the application couldn’t proceed until they have received the recall declaration. I faxed it off, asked for the inspection certificate by return email, and settled in to wait another ten days.

If I had known enough to get that declaration of recall status included with the package sent to R.I.V. from Canadian Customs, I’d have an Ontario plate on my truck by now. Live and learn.

UPDATE: November 5th, 2007

I waited and checked my email faithfully, never giving up hope, and today the inspection form arrived by regular mail. The local CTC service manager completed the inspection in ten minutes at no charge, then faxed the form back to the R.I.V. The lesson here? The R.I.V. personnel mean well, and perhaps don’t pay much attention to what we ask, only to what we need.

Tomorrow CTC will do the safety and emissions checks.


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