Welcome, IPM Visitors!

August 28, 2007

I hope you find my walnut patch as easily as you have found this blog. It’s just east of The Croskery Woodlot, which of course stands on the hill overlooking the IPM Tented City. Take the path just outside the Conservation Tent and walk through the woods to the field beyond it. There you will see my little treasures, though they may not be much to look at by late September if I don’t keep the water to them.

This diary will try to recount some of my misadventures as I put away my briefcase and set out to become a walnut farmer. Black walnuts already grow wild around the field, and I figured even I could grow a weed. Some excellent help came along over the course of the project, and what you see in the field owes a great deal to the nice man in the corner with the walnut cracking machine, Neil Thomas.


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