Waiting For The Sprouts

May 11, 2006

Neil: The spruce and pines are budding, the shrubs have leaves, the maples are springing forth, but the walnuts are either dormant, dead, or absent. Any target dates? Roundup goes on before they sprout? I heard Gary and Dwayne discussing hiring a contractor to spray the seedlings, and I think that included the walnuts. The question is when.



Neil Thomas wrote:

> Rod,> > Probably the earliest you’ll see any sprouts is mid June. You can probably put Roundup on safely until at least end of May.>

> All the best,>

> Neil.


1 June, 2006

As you may recall I planted two seeds per hill in the fields: east and west of the metal flag. A check of my old e-mails indicates that west is the home team and east is the imports, or at least the larger seeds. I believe the small seeds came from the two old trees standing between the fields. East is beating west by a ratio of about 20:1 among the new sprouts. I think I saw only two double headers. Early days yet, though. The field next to the woodlot isn’t up to much yet. It’s not as warm. Variables? Perhaps I buried the first‑planting seeds so deeply that it will take them longer to claw their way to the surface. Squirrels have excavated the two outer rows and a surprising number of the hills in the middle of the field. If enough seeds sprout, I may find myself transplanting some to vacant hills. It’s neat to see the little rascals popping up out of the holes.

Please don’t forward this to any squirrels, crows or ravens.



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